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Radios are Everywhere

Radio signals are used in a huge variety of applications.  In fact the radio spectrum, which starts at only 500kHz extends to almost 500 GHz and is completley filled with different services.  Things from submarine to satellite communications; mobile phone to wireless broadcasts, clothing tabs to aircraft navigation, all use the radio spectrum.  We use these services every day, maybe without fully realising the challenges that are overcome to deliver them. 

In recent year the advent of digital technology has triggered a revolution in the design of radio systems, opening up new posssibilities for cooperation, communications and control in an even wider range of applicaitons.

Radio System Design

RSD specialises in the design of radio systems, and with over 30 years of experience has the knowledge and capabilities to help others understand and use radio technology to imporve their business and services.  It provides services ranging from consulting on new designs or ideas, to applications with bespoke designs, from technical training of fundamentals, to advanced applications involving digital signals and interfaces.

Receiving a signal is trivial;
Receiving the one you want is the real challenge