Technical Training-Radio System Design

Technical Training

 Dr. Richard Ranson is a visiting professor at LeedsUniversity in the UK.  He is also a faculty member at the Continuing Education InstituteCEI-Europe. There are three different upcoming public lectures courses on variosu aspects of radio systems.
  1. Radio System Design- Theory and Practice: a comprehensive 5 day course on fundamentals of radio systesm,
  2. Advanced Radio System Architectures: a 3 day advanced topic lecture series
  3. Hands On Software Defined Radio Concepts: a 2 day course demonstating SDR principles using the ADALM Pluto SDR platform

These courses have a modular structure and so other combinations are also possible, for bespoke or on-site courses e-mail direct to to discuss options.

RSD is launching a new
2 day course Hands on Software Defined Radio, which is a practical demonstration of SDR fundamentals.  Students will use a pre-built, customised linux distribution containing all the necessary software and an ADALM Pluto single TRx for the hardware, creating a mini RF labaroatory for the course.  After the course students can keep all the software and the ADALM device is available either from Analog Devices or component distributors such as Mouser, Farnell and Digikey.

Calendar for 2019

October 7 - 11, for CEI-Europe in Dresden, Germany, Course #26
Ocober 21 -23 for CEI-Europe in Linkping, Sweden, Course #27
October 24 - 25 for CEI-Europe in Linkping, Sweden, #28
Calendar for 2020
March 2 - 6, for CEI-Europe in Barcelona, Spain, Course #26
March 30 -April 1, for CEI-Europe in Dresden, Germany, Course #27
April 2 - 3 for CEI-Europe in Dresden, Germany, #28
Click on the individual course links for more details.  Also note thatCEI-Europe offers many other excellent public courses on a wide variety of different topics and technologies.
Thank you to all the staff and engineers attending these year courses over more than 15 years.  There has been a wide range of topics and discussions over a huge geographic area, from San Diego to Boston, Greensboro to Ottowa and Leeds to Dresden, with particularly popular spots such as Barcelona and Boston.