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Much of the work at RSD is confidential in one way or another and so publication is limited, but some have been made available in RSD Publications.

Also there are many useful application notes and  technical articles on the web.  These are one that I have found useful and are available to download here. 
Noise Figure
Agilent Application Note. Noise Figure Accuracy, the Y Factor MethodAN57-2
Measuring noise and moise like signals with a spectrum analyserAN1303
WJ Tech Note. Mixers in SystemsPart 1
WJ Tech Note. Mixers in SystemsPart 2
Mixer Applications Note by Burt HendersonPart 1
 Mixer Applications Note by Burt Henderson Part 2
 Software Defined Radio
 Software Defined Radio for the Masses Part 1
 Excellent series of article by Gerald Youngblood Part 2
 These and other excellent articles can be found Part 3
 on the ARRL web site Part 4
Key aspects of digital radios from ADIDigital Radio 101
World wide 5G frequency allocations5G Spectrum
Guide to New Radio from National InstrumentsNew Radio
Classic Papers
Lee DeForest's description of the audio (aka triode)De Forest
Armstrong's account of how the audion really workedArmstrong 1
Black's original paper on negative feedbackBlack 1936
Armstrong's original paper on FMArmstrong 2
Paper by Shannon the father of information theoryShannon 1948
Fascinating history of Marconi by G A Isted, who was his personalIsted 1
assistant, seeing ot all working for the Marconi Co. 1923 - 1969Isted 2
Comprehensive introduction to python for scientific computingPython 101
Python is a brilliant free alternative to MatlabPython in the Lab