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The introductory Lecture course have been expanded to 5 days to cover aspects that have been requested, but not possible to cover in the earlier 3 day format. A second advanced course over 3 days is also now available, covering aspects of the digital hardware revolution that is radically changing the traditional view of radio systems.

Latest course development are a "Hands on Software Defined Radio" course, using a low cost SDR platform and either a Raspberry Pi or other common computer platform.  For more information or request specific details e-mail

News Items

Mar 2019: Completed new tunable filters with USB control.

Jan 2019:
Update to lecture dates 2019

Aug 2018: Substantial new contract for manufacture of USB controlled tunable high Q ceramic resonator filter.

July 2018: Published on github, a comprehensive python class to interface and control ADALM pluto SDR. See link

Apr 2018: Published a paper and presented it at the April ARMMS conference in Oxford, England.

Oct 2017: Update to lecture dates 2017 -18.

Mar 2017: Production ready delivery of further WiFi enhancement devices.

Jan 2017: Experimentation with pre-release ALALM Pluto SDR for Software Defind Radio applications.

Sep 2016: RSD completes a prototype highly selective, tunable filter for enhanced WiFi reception.

Feb 2016: Completed ultra low noise LNA front end, with bypass for cellular system monitoring.

Mar 2015: Completed development and delivered a range if dedicated channel high Q ceramic filters.

Jan 2014: Delivery of prototype high Q ceramic resonator filters.

Oct 2013: Update to lecture dates 2014.

Mar 2013: RSD completes qualification of advanced UMTS monitoring masthead devices.

Jan 2013: Update to lecture dates 2013.

Dec 2012: Finishing the year with a flurry of lectures, so thank to all the students in Leeds, Barcelona and San Jose.

Sept 2012: New lecture dates set for 2013.

May 2012: RSD completes qualification of a new PCB coating suitable for RF circuits; demonstrating high resistance to water and chemical exposure with minimal affect on RF performance.

March 2012: Radio System Design Ltd, sales pass 1 million since incorporation 3 years ago. 

Feb 2012: Thanks for the hospitality and engaging discussions from the engineers at the recent course in Limerick.

Dec 2011: RSD completes a record financial year.

Oct 2011: Thanks to staff and engineers attending the recent courses in Toulouse and Manchester.

Sept 2011: New lecture dates set for 2012. RSD has also completed upgrades to noise measurement facilities with new equipment and screened measurement facilities.

May 2011: Thanks to all the recent students in Copenhagen and Boson, for attending stimulating classes on topics of radio design.

April 2011: RSD completes a substantial order of enhanced signal monitoring equipment.  The units designed and tested in the last 6 months increase functionality with added signal detection features and the ability to work autonomously for unsupervised monitoring and detection locations.

Jan 2011: RSD is awarded a production contract for advanced monitoring masthead units.

Jan 2011: RSD completes the contract for upgrade of all previous single band monitors.

Nov 2010: RSD completes the development of advanced monitoring capabilities to extend the exisiting masthead products.

April 2010: RSD expands measurement facilities with additional capital equipment.

March 2010: RSD completes product expansion with UMTS band variant.

Nov 2009: RSD has just completed a substantial development project with a family of bespoke masthead radio monitoring equipment. Different units for all 4 major international frequency bands have been made, featuring low noise, high dynamic range and individual channel gain control, all controlled via an RS485 communications bus.